After the charter was signed and submitted to the State of West Virginia in 1948. the original members obtained a meeting space at 501 Rear, Warwood Avenue. With a limited amount of space the "club" installed a bar in the main room and a meeting space in the west side of the facility. The 40 charter members wasted no time in soliciting new members, and the club grew in membership.
Even in those early years the club provided Christmas parties for the youngsters. A group of the younger members fielded a softball team, which provided fellowship and great competition in the local area.
The officers realized the limited space available within the building, and with great dedication and motivation, they made a commitment to expand. So, in September 1953. the club purchased the 6th and Hazlett Avenue lot from the Bishop of the Wheeling Diocese, Right Reverend John J. Swint.

It took several years of fundraising, including lawn fetes in the empty lot on 6th Street to acquire the funds necessary for construction of a building. It was during the administration of Robert Dailer, Commander 1960-61. that the club filed a change of address form and moved to the new address effective 1961.

The new location was an improvement over he basement location, but it still did not provide the necessary space. In August 1963 the officers signed a note for a deed of trust for improvement in our facility. The amount borrowed ws $57.600. The building was expanded to allow for a larger facility. Then, again on Sept. 21, 1989, the officers signed another deed of trust for expansion of the building in the amount of $41,137.63. Those debts have been recorded as paid in full.

Members can see the different blocks used to complete the addition, but we currently have a functional building and some additional space in our outdoor pavilion. The Vets Club has a current outstanding loan for the new roof.
At the Warwood Vets Club 40th Anniversary. the five murals, one for each of the Armed Forces, was unveiled. They were created by Kate O'Kelly, and mark a sincere dedication to the goal of our Founding Fathers to have an organization for "those who have served"